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[IMPORTED FROM JAPAN] 31g Japanese Marumiya Maze Komi Rice Seasoning Series | 日本精选进口丸美屋海苔鲑鱼明太子拌饭调味料
RM8.88 RM12.00
[IMPORTED FROM JAPAN] 31g Japanese Marumiya Maze Komi Rice Seasoning Series | 日本精选进口丸美屋海苔鲑鱼明太子拌饭调味料
Price RM8.88 RM12.00
Size (L x W x H) 6 cm x 1 cm x 12 cm
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Rice seasoning
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Furikake is a dry Japanese seasoning that is usually sprinkled on top of cooked rice, vegetables, and fish. It is usually consisted of a mixture of dried fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, salt, and MSG. Furikake is usually a bright color and flaky. It can have fish or seafood flavoring and is sometimes spicy. To enjoy, just sprinkle the nori furikake over your white rice in a bowl, or season your onigiri with it!

Furikake是一种干燥的日本调味料,通常撒在米饭、蔬菜和鱼上。它通常由干鱼、芝麻、切碎的海藻、糖、盐和味精的混合物组成。 Furikake 通常颜色鲜艳且呈片状。它可以有鱼或海鲜的风味。只需将海苔调味料洒在碗中的白米饭上,或者用它来调味饭团就可以享受新鲜的风味哦!

Marumiya Maze Komi Wakame Sake rice seasoning | 丸美屋鲑鱼海苔拌饭调料 (31g)
A mixture of wakame seaweed and salmon. It is not spicy and made to be mixed together with rice or sushi before serving. Even when cold, the taste and aroma of the salmon is plentiful.


Marumiya Mazekomi Wakame (Okaka) rice seasoning | 丸美屋海苔鲣鱼拌饭调料 (31g)
Marumiya is one of the most specialized furikake manufacturer in Japan. This furikaka features a Nori Wasabi flavor, which refers to seaweed and wasabi in Japanese. It contains seaweed and dried bonita.

丸美屋是日本最专业的furikake 制造商之一。这款海苔拌饭调味料是海苔芥末风味的。它含有海苔和干鲣鱼的新鲜风味。

Marumiya Mazekomi Wakame Mentaiko rice seasoning | 丸美屋海苔明太子拌饭调料 (33g)
Marumiya Mazekomi Wakame Mentaiko is made from the finest ingredients for its great taste. It can be a perfect flavour to your onigiri and also to your tamago.

Marumiya Mazekomi海苔明太子拌饭调味料是采用最好的原料制成,味道极佳。它可以为你的米饭料理或者玉子烧增添更多风味。