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RM7.78 RM9.90
Pihapi Salted Egg Fish Skin / Kulit Ikan Telur Masin/ 咸蛋鱼皮 / 塩漬け卵の魚皮チップス / 생선껍질칩 (오리지널)
Price RM7.78 RM9.90
Brand Pihapi
Size (L x W x H) 9 cm x 16 cm x 21 cm
Points Needed 200
Availability In Stock
  • Rich in protein
  • Low in carbs
  • Source of Omega-3
  • Source of Collagen
  • Real Salted Egg Yolk
  • Zero Trans Fat

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The combination of the richness of real salted egg yolk with the crunchiness of fish skin, added with the fine aroma of curry leaves, gives us the upmost satisfaction and unforgettable aftertaste.

The smoothness of salted egg melted perfectly with the taste of fish skin. It makes the perfect match of our salted egg and fish skin that is sheer ambrosia!


Kombinasi sempurna kuning telur masin dengan kulit ikan yang segar, ditambahkan dengan daun kari yang halus, memberi kita kepuasan dan rasa yang tidak akan dilupakan.

Keistimewaan telur masin cair sempurna dalam rasa kulit ikan menjadikan kulit ikan telur masin kami paling sedap!



咸蛋与鱼皮的味道完美地结合融化。 最完美的匹配,这绝对是道令人垂涎三尺的佳肴!



Fish skin, Salted Egg, Curry Leaves, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Monosodium Glutamate, Salted Egg Premix.



Kulit ikan, Telur Masin, Daun Kari, Minyak Sayuran, Gula, Garam, Lada, Monosodium Glutamat, Premix Telur Masin.




What's in the box

A layer of salted egg cover evenly on the crunchiness of fish skin with a little sprinkle of curry leaves that bring out the aroma of curry leaves.

A perfect combination of flavor between the pure salted egg yolk and crunchiness fish skin.