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[NEW STOCK] 450ml HADAY Cooking Wine Seasoning Series | 【新货】海天料酒系列
RM8.91 RM9.90
[NEW STOCK] 450ml HADAY Cooking Wine Seasoning Series | 【新货】海天料酒系列
Price RM8.91 RM9.90
Size (L x W x H) 7 cm x 7 cm x 20 cm

HADAY Cooking Seasoning Series | 海天料酒系列

450ml HADAY Cooking Wine Seasoning Gudao | 海天古道料酒

Generally used for cooking meat and seafood, to remove fishy smell and maintain freshness, and remove the stinky green taste of vegetables.

Ingredients: rice wine, sugar, dextrin, organic acids, amino acids, esters, aldehydes, fusel oil and extracts.

450ml HADAY Cooking Wine Seasoning Ginger Onion | 海天姜葱料酒

Selected ginger and spring onion raw materials, adding 3 years old rice wine to remove fishy and mutton, Suitable for stir-frying, stew, braised, soup, cold salad.

精选姜葱原料 ,添加3年陈酿黄酒,去腥解膻, 适合炒菜,焖炖,红烧,煲汤,凉拌皆可。

Ingredients: water, rice wine (water, rice, wheat koji, caramel color), edible alcohol, ginger, onion, sodium glutamate, edible salt, caramel color.
成分: 水,黄酒(水,大米,麦曲,焦糖色), 食用酒精,姜,葱,谷氨酸钠,食用盐,焦糖色。