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[ NON-HALAL | IMPORTED FROM JAPAN] Japanese SUNAOSHI Ramen and Soba Noodle Series | 【日本进口】日本 SUNAOSHI 拉面和荞麦面系列
RM10.80 RM12.00
[ NON-HALAL | IMPORTED FROM JAPAN] Japanese SUNAOSHI Ramen and Soba Noodle Series | 【日本进口】日本 SUNAOSHI 拉面和荞麦面系列
Price RM10.80 RM12.00
Size (L x W x H) 9 cm x 2 cm x 25 cm

256g Japan Sunaoshi 2-Shoku Kyu Tonkotsu Ramen Noodle | 日本 Sunaoshi 2-Shoku Kyu 豚骨拉面

Japan noodles that do not use any oil. Compatibility with the noodles in the habit without refreshing the soup and pickled ginger entering is also excellent

Ingredients: noodles (wheat flour (domestic production), sodium chloride), the accompanying seasoning Ingredients (soy sauce, salt, animal fats and oils, sugar / fructose grape sugar liquid sugar, yeast extract, vegetable fats and oils, garlic extract, onion extract, bonito extract, pepper) , Brewed vinegar, white sesame) / processed noodles, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), kansui, coloring agents (cuttlefish, red cabbage, caramel), pH adjusters, acidulants, (some wheat, soybeans, chicken (Including sesame)

230g Japan Sunaoshi 2-Shoku Tororo Soba Noodle | 日本 Sunaoshi 2-Shoku Tororo 荞麦面

Noodles, bonito, and kelp soup stock with Japanese-style dashi stock are served together.

Ingredients: noodles (wheat flour (domestic production), buckwheat flour, salt, vegetable protein), attached seasonings (salty sauce, sugar / sugar grape sugar liquid sugar, Salt, mirin, dried bonito extract, dried bonito extract, flavored extract, dried bonito powder, protein hydrolysate seasoning, kelp extract) / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), thickener (guar gum), caramel pigment, (partly Including wheat, buckwheat, soy sauce, and dried bonito)

244g Japan Sunaoshi 2-Shoku Chuka Soba Noodle | 日本 Sunaoshi 2-Shoku 日式中华荞麦面

Japan noodles that do not use any oil. The fragrant and refreshing soy sauce soup has a nostalgic taste.

Ingredients: noodles (wheat flour (domestic production), salt), attached seasonings (soy sauce, salt, animal fats and oils, onion extract, sugar, chicken extract , Spices, chicken extract, onion extract, garlic extract) / processed starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), coloring agents (caramel, cuttlefish), kansui, (some include wheat, soybeans, chicken)

*inside have seasoning pack