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[NEW STOCK] HADAY Tasty Paste Series | 【新货】海天酱料系列
RM7.92 RM9.90
[NEW STOCK] HADAY Tasty Paste Series | 【新货】海天酱料系列
Price RM7.92 RM9.90
Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 8 cm x 16 cm
Paste Series
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HADAY Tasty Paste Series | 海天酱料系列

230g HADAY Bean Paste | 海天锦上鲜豆瓣酱

HADAY Bean Paste full of crushed beans, full of ingredients, chili oil and garlic ingredients, Sichuan flavor sauce

Ingredients: Water, pickled peppers (chili, edible salt), soybean oil, garlic, edible salt, soybeans, sodium glutamate, wheat flour, onions, white sugar

240g HADAY Chu Hou Paste | 海天柱候酱

Chu Hou Paste is used for cooking braised meat, braised duck, braised chicken, and all kinds of meat.

Ingredients: water, sugar, soybean, wheat (gluten) powder, salt, sesame oil, flavor enhancer e621, sesame paste, dehydrated garlic, thickener e415, preservative E211.

280g HADAY Char Xiu sauce | 海天叉烧酱

To make barbecued maiale, barbecued ribs, barbecued beef brisket, barbecued lamb chop, barbecued chicken leg and pickled meat, put one or two spoonful of Haitian barbecued sauce, and the dishes are very delicious

Ingredients: sugar, water, soy sauce, salt, dehydrated garlic, vinegar

340g HADAY Soybean Paste | 海天黄豆酱

Soybean paste is used for dip, stew, steam, stir fry, mix and other cooking methods.

Ingredients: non transgenic soybean, water, white granulated sugar, edible salt, wheat flour, brewing vinegar, food additives (sodium glutamate, 5 '- flavor nucleotide disodium, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, sucralose).