Coming Soon!!! Sichuan Mala Hot and Spicy Fish Skin!!
Pihapi Salted Egg Fish Skin
Price RM8.90
Brand Pihapi
Size (L x W x H) 21 cm x 16 cm x 9 cm
Availability 150
30 or more RM7.90
60 or more RM6.90
  • Zero Trans Fat
  • Rich in protien and low in carbs
  • Source of Omega-3
  • Source of Collagen
  • Made from Real Salted Egg Yolk

With the strong in the flavor of salted egg yolk seasoning coated evenly on the crunchiness of fish skin, added on a fine aroma of curry leaves and chili brings out the more delightful flavor.

The smoothness of salted egg melted perfectly with a salty yet little spicy taste of fish skin and the aroma of curry leaves on the after-taste.

-         The best way to eat fish skin-with salted egg of course!


  • Fish Skin, Salted Egg, Chilli, Curry Leave, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Monosodium Glutamate, Salted Egg Premix.
What's in the box

A layer of salted egg cover evenly on the crunchiness of fish skin with a little sprinkle of curry leaves that bring out the aroma of curry leaves.

A perfect combination of flavor between the pure salted egg yolk and crunchiness fish skin.